The Belle Sounds, fronted by husband/wife team Noëlle Hampton and André Moran are a five piece alt-pop indie band from Austin, TX. Their third album, "The Sea Within", was released on July 20, 2018. Currently they are releasing new singles every month in 2020. Recognized by their signature combination of lush guitar work, vibrant keys and synths, gorgeous harmonies and melodically infectious hooks, they get inside the heads and hearts of listeners with their energetic live shows and lush recordings. Read more.

We were just included in a 'Best of 2020 Music in Austin" list for our 12th single, STAY ALIVE. Check it out here!

And also for the song we produced for our band mate, Emily Shirley!

Here is our 12th and final single of 2020, STAY ALIVE

For this track we teamed up with our friend Ray Prim for a co-write. Ray is a great friend/songwriter and also my TV guru. We both watch a lot of TV and movies and draw song inspiration from that. When he suggests a show to me I usually watch it. He told me to check out Amazon's UTOPIA, which I did. The show itself was just OK, but the theme was way too close to our 2020 reality for comfort. In UTOPIA they often say to the reluctant hero, ‘Stay Alive’. That phrase was affecting me for so many obvious reasons. It is what we have all been trying to do all year, not just from a deadly virus but also for people of color walking down the street, people standing up for the rights of others in heated protests, politicians, judges and innocent voters being threatened by extremist groups, healthcare workers and all frontline workers trying to make sure they see their families again, people starving and becoming homeless because their income disappeared and so much more. Never in our lifetime has general survival seemed so difficult until now. We decided to co-write a song based on all of that and this is the outcome.
SAY ALIVE is like a mantra to keep us safe in the next few months. We see you and you are needed and loved.

Be safe friends.

We are so excited to release this little gem. Noëlle collaborated with our incredibly talented friend SEELA on this totally unique video for our single, NOW YOU SEE ME. Check it out now, and PLEASE SHARE IT!!

An easy way to listen to all of our singles from 2020 on one Spotify playlist.

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Like the opera, symphony, ballet or theatre, our local music is art. And as art, Black Fret believes our music is worthy of support from those whose lives are touched by it.

Black Fret provides those who love their local music with the opportunity to become a Patron of Local Music.

Together our Members, Advisory Board, volunteers and musicians are creating a vibrant community to support local music, now in both Austin, Texas and Seattle, Washington.

At the end of 2020 each nominee will receive a grant from Black Fret to help with their musical journey.

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